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Get Paid Payroll Outsourcing specialises in payroll processing, personnel management, and recruitment. We are owned by Outsource Professional Directors (OPD) Limited, which offers various outsourced services including payroll management, bookkeeping, accountancy, and personnel management. Our team ensures efficient payroll processing and prompt employee payment. We provide tailored solutions for payroll management, auto-enrollment, and compliance reporting.

Partnering with us can help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. We handle deductions like student loans, statutory leave, and pension contributions, allowing you to focus on your core business. Trust Get Paid Payroll to handle your payroll requirements while you concentrate on your core activities.

About Us


Get Paid Payroll Outsourcing, an OPD-operated Payroll Bureau in collaboration with PMCT Accountants and Consultants, offers HMRC-approved software solutions for outsourced payroll services exclusively in the UK. Our customisable solution caters to clients' specific business requirements and can scale according to their corporate strategy. Our payroll services are renowned for their reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and high-level data security. We have a dedicated team of Payroll Management experts and HR consultants always ready to assist clients in implementing necessary solutions.

Our Approach


Get Paid Payroll Outsourcing provides a complete solution for payroll, personnel, and recruitment management. Our certified professionals handle accurate payroll management, tax filing, compliance, time tracking, and employee onboarding. We offer personnel management tools like performance reviews, disciplinary actions, and employee retention strategies. Additionally, our recruitment services help you find top talent. Trust Get Paid Payroll for your payroll and personnel needs, with fees based on your periodic processing requirements.

Our Services
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Get Paid Payroll offers comprehensive outsourcing services for payroll management, including:

  1. Payroll Processing

  2. Tax Filing and Compliance

  3. Employee Data Management

  4. Direct Deposit and Payment Processing

  5. Employee Self-Service Portals

  6. Benefit Administration

  7. Reporting and Analytics

  8. Compliance and Legal Support

  9. Customer Support

  10. Pension Administration (managing employee retirement plans and contributions)

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At Get Paid Payroll, we offer clients the flexibility to settle payroll liabilities with tax authorities through their preferred method of payment. Our comprehensive payroll services encompass all related activities, alleviating any concerns on your end. All you need to do is provide us with the agreed-upon relevant payroll information for periodic processing, and we will take care of the rest.

HR Management
Why Get Paid

We adapt Outsource Management to fit your business Requirements & Needs

We are your trusted business Partners. You are covered and free to enjoy Life

Savings from Human Resource Capital to build Capacity

Happy employees and extended Goodwill brings about Efficiency

We focus on useful networks that are relevant for your benefit at specific times

Operate  from Home & enjoy your Family. Don't Worry we working for you.

We focus on your core processes & what gives you added values & advantages.

Your concerns are addressed. You're free for most important things in life: Family.

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About Get Paid Payroll provides comprehensive payroll and personnel management services that make it easy for businesses to manage their payroll and personnel processes. Our experienced team offers a full range of services, from payroll processing and tax filing to employee benefits administration and more. With our secure online platform, you can access your payroll and personnel information anytime, anywhere.

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Get Paid Payroll is the perfect payroll solution for businesses of any size. Our comprehensive range of services includes accurate payroll processing, direct deposits, and 24/7 online access to employee information. With Get Paid Payroll, you can rest assured that all of your payroll and personnel management needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.


Become a Client!

A boundary-free, 24/7, and 365-day accessible payroll service is provided through the cloud.

Regardless of the size, requirements, and needs of your business, you will have dedicated payroll managers at your disposal.

Gain access to a remarkable community consisting of innovative business owners, managers, and experts.

Online service available 24/7

Unlimited access to our Payroll Managers

We take care of your requirements to allow you time to enjoy 



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