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Human Capital


We have many years of helping businesses resource, train, maintain and manage human resource capital which we believe is the single most needed and important element for any successful business.


Our consideration for HR Management (HRM) covers short-term temporary assignments, medium-term to long-term contracts and permanent employments. We have considerable exposure and experience in resourcing as well as managing project implementations. 

Human Capital Management 

We help organisations unlock their Human Capital potentials. Our consideration includes designing needed roles and drafting job specifications, advertising vacant position, interviews and selecting suitable employees.

Contractors and Temporary Workers

We would manage PAYE management for business non-permanent, however if employer is not obligated to place contractor under PAYE, then we would transfer to our associates PMCT Accountants & Consultants to ensure full compliance of tax obligations under self employment or limited liability company (Personal Service Company)

Umbrella Companies

Due to IR35 non-permanent engagement could fall under HMRC restricted working conditions. We have extensive experience of managing PAYE schemes under 'Umbrella Company' operated with our associates PMCT Accountants & Consultants.

PAYE Deductions

We take care of all PAYE deductions including pensions, student loans, impacted leaves consideration and reimbursement of expenses.


We have dedicated team and website for expatriates resource management (IHRM). For bigger and global firms we would transfer you to our enterprise resource planning (ERP) team. Please click this link to visit OPD website,

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