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Passion Led Us Here

We Only Have One Objective


Support by Accountants, Consultants and IT Experts

Get Paid Payroll is Payroll Bureau operation owned and managed by PMCT Accountants and Consultants. In UK we only use HMRC approved software solutions to deliver outsourced payroll services.

We have dedicated Payroll Management Team and HR consultants ever ready to assist our clients implement required solutions.

Scope of Consideration and Peace of Mind

Our solution is tailored to meet client business needs and has capability to expand and or downsize with corporate strategy. Our outsource payroll service is reliable, fast, cost effective and secured in protecting processing data.

Get Paid Payroll outsourced payroll management is a low-risk and less expensive than in-house payroll processing. We ensure every employee gets paid, on-time, compliance with regulations every time and IT related consideration factored in as part of our processing.


With Get Paid Payroll you need not worry about HR cost on payroll processing, disaster recovery process and training costs. Our experience and dedicated team mitigate perceived payroll management risk thereby freeing you to concentrate on core business processes.


We would engage your employees in many areas of concerns to improve employees turnover and resolve conflicts leading to employees satisfaction. We offer relevant training to employees to improve their respective status, increase their confidence, performance and corporate efficiency.

We offer tangible processes in improving understanding of clients roles within its locality and local cultures to build harmonious environment; and improve on social and environmental responsibilities.

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