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About Vincent Santeng

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Vincent Santeng has been involved with business activities for more than 35 years in many specialised roles for business start-ups to global entities as consultant and trainer capacity. His involvement with businesses is without regard to size and location. He has been involved with many business start-ups to multi-national entities.


Vincent Santeng would lead a team to adapt strategies that meets requirements of issues confronted by a business. He would propose and help implement unique solutions for future challenges. He is renowned for creating teams within a business, offering training and equipping business members with needed skills to enhance operations and opportunities of modern-day business. As a seasoned business leader with significant portfolio of business interests, he periodically trains business leaders, churches, and charities to enhance their activities, control costs and improve efficiency. Vincent Santeng experience expands from teaching, training, brokerage and sales, investment strategies, financial analyst, software development, software analyst, bookkeeping, accountancy, risk management, financial planning, tax consultancy, and strategy management as consultant. He has trained many accountants globally and implemented financial solutions for banks. ​


Vincent Santeng worked in London City for over 15 years for firms specialising in financial software development, financial market management, brokerage, consultancy, stock market clearing and settlement, retail and commercial banking, and investment banking. He held many positions as senior account manager, project manager, financial analyst, risk and compliance specialist, head of financial products development, and portfolio management strategist. ​


Vincent Santeng holds many qualifications including ACCA as Fellow and MBA from Manchester Business School. He has created many global operations aligned with online IT solutions for organisations and these includes:

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